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autotransWe are members of the Ukrainian International Motor Transportation Association (UIMTA) and we carry out traffic by the books EKMT

TANK TRUCKS (transportation of liquid cargo)

cisternRenault Premium trucks (EURO III and EURO V) with tanks constructed by leading European producers (Feber, Magyar, Everlast) with volume from 30 to 34 cubic meters and vehicle capacity up to 30 tons.

Technical features:

  • Thermo-insulation – heat loss is no more than 2 С° per day with negative temperature outside. These are invaluable for transportation of milk and juice products during summer season;
  • Cargo steam heating system – for transportation of thick and viscous products that require pre-heating before loading. Tank truck equipped with steam heating is able to heat up the cargo during winter;
  • Tank cars with autonomous heating – equipment that keeps required temperature of gas being transported for the whole duration of the trip.
  • Single section tranks – convenient for loading/unloading single type of cargo
  • 3-4 sections in a tank allows to transport several kinds of cargo at the same time as well as multiple points of delivery;

Main liquid cargo types are agriculture produce (sunflower oil, molasses, juices, vine material, etc.) as well as raw materials for food industry transported in liquid form.


autotentTents are intended to transport packaged goods.
Technical features:

  • trucks , that meet EURO V requirements coupled with tent trailers;
  • semitrailer volume: 86 cubic meter;
  • trailers with sliding roof and rear door.

For transportation of dangerous goods we use specialized vehicles with ADR equipment. “Ukrros-Trans” LLC has all required licences for the transport of dangerous goods.

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