Ukrros-trans LLC owns more than 1000 railway cars and 15 articulated trucks. A considerable vehicle fleet and work experience of 25 years allow us to employ the advantages of each of these kinds of vehicles skillfully and offer to you the optimum transport solutions.

The whole potential of our team is aimed at the creation of the most comfortable and favourable freighting conditions for different kinds of goods for freight owners and manufacturers.

For the time of realizing our freighting mission we are becoming a part of your business. Our team’s professional expertise and many years’ experience in cooperation with the transport market participants allow us to secure a timely delivery and safety of your cargo.

Yours faithfully, CEO of Ukrros-trans LLC

Andrey Davydov


Our advantages

    • We have our own rail and automotive vehicle park;
    • The proficiency of our team;
    • Successful cooperation with railroad administration of Ukraine, CIS and Baltic region;
    • Flexibility and work ethic in the working with clients;
    • The washing and steam-curing station – Znamyanka;
    • We work in accordance with international standards FIATA.


Our mission

Our purpose is to solve the tasks of cargo transportation and dispatch efficiently, to provide required rolling-stock, to facilitate our clients’ business activity.

Our success has been achieved  at the market due to:

  • a team of professionals;
  • many years of work experience;
  • the availability of our own vehicles.

We are always ready to use this potential as a means to facilitate our clients’ economic growth!

Our history

Since company’s foundation in 1998, we have clearly defined the perspectives of our development and the direction of our growth in the transport services sphere:

  • the granting our own railway cars of different kinds into lease;
  • the transportation and dispatch of different kinds of cargo by railway and motor transport;
  • the tank-car washing and painting.

In 2000 the company purchased the first 20 railway tank-cars, and as of today its transport assets are more than 1000 railway cars of different kinds: tank-cars, gondola cars, box cars, cement carrying cars and grain carrying cars.

In 2006 the company has created an automobile subdivision, which consisting now of 15 Renault & Mercedes haulers with food tanks.